Sufiana Kalam

Online Books

Here are some of the online books that you can view by clicking on the following links;

1. Qaseeda Ghosia by Hzrt Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA)

2. Minhaj ul Abdin by Hzrt Imam Ghazali (RA)

3. Kimya e Saadat by Hzrt Imam Ghazali (RA)

4. Ihya ul Aloom  by Hzrt Hzart Imam Ghazali (RA)

5.Anees ul Arwah by Hzrt Khwaja Moeen ud Din Chishtee (RA)

6.Mehre e Munir by Hzrt Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA)

7.Tazkirah tul Auliya by Hzrt Farid ud Din Attar (RA)

8.Fatuh ul Ghaib by Hzrt Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA)

9.Kashf ul Mahjoob by Hzrt Ali bin Usman Al Hajvaree Almaroof Data Gang Baksh (RA)

10.Noor ul Huda (Haq Numa) by Hzrt Sultan Bahu (RA)

11.Awarif ul Maarif by Hzrt Sheikh Shahab ud Din Soharverdy (RA)

12.Tawaseen by Hzrt Hussain bin Mansoor Al Hallaj (RA)

13.Alftah ur Rabbani by Hzrt Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA)

14.Bahijat ul Asrar by Imam Shatnoofi Shafi (RA)

15.Nuzhat ul Majalis by Hzrt Abdur Rehman bin Abdul Salam (RA)

16.Feeh Ma Feeh Malfoozaat HZRT Maulana Jalal ud Din Roomi (RA)



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